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Trencher Small

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The Ground Hog T-4 Trencher is a small, operator propelled, chain type trencher designed for jobs requiring up to a 12 inch deep trench in a short period of time.

The T-4 uses replaceable carbide tipped rock-type bits for digging in all soil conditions, and will dig a 3 to 3.5 inch wide trench to depths of 6, 8 and12inches.

It's narrow, highly maneuverable design allows the T-4 easy access to job sites.
Engine Power 4 kw
Maximum Trench Depth 12 - 18 (depends on model)
Trench Width 3 - 3.5 inches (depends on model)
Maximum chain speed 180 feet/Minute
Weight 230 lbs.
Lenght 60 inches
Width 24 inches
Height 41 inches